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Electronic Scanning / Manual Data Entry

Framework is experienced in handling large scale scanning projects with sample sizes of 40,000 and over. Depending on the design and structure of the questionnaire, it may be practical to scan any sample size of 1000+.

Our dedicated market research OCR scanning system ensures fast and accurate collection of all types of data, from tick boxes to text fields. There are extensive facilities for data validation and verification to ensure that data is clean.

We are happy to advise free of charge on the suitability of a questionnaire design for scanning. Or alternatively, we can design it for you.

Manual data entry is typically carried out on projects with smaller sample sizes, and those which have not been specifically designed for electronic scanning. We have a network of operators, both office and home based, with a wealth of experience in market research data entry. All data can be verified (ie double entered) to whatever level you require.


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